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About Us

Why do parents always have to wait for their kids when they take a class or while they play with their friends? Isn’t there a better way? One where parents can grow and learn (or even relax) while their kids grow, learn and paint ? Our Little Big World Paint & Play Gallery is a unique business that was built to answer both questions.  A first-of-its-kind business, Our Little Big World is a place designed for children AND their parents.  We aim to “Play, Educate, and Grow” children and parents through free play, guided canvas painting, events, and more. You’ll find us in Ferndale, Michigan, where we’ve built a world of fun, excitement, education, and culture for everyone – little and big alike, actually for the whole world.


Open Play

Kids at Our Little Big World Paint & Play Gallery have the chance to experience a playscape/play area unlike any other. Our large play area features a Soft Play system, mini-attractions including a climbing wall and small rooms with themed activities, bright and exciting graphics of worldwide cultures. Learn more about our Paint and Play options.



Canvas Painting with OUR LITTLE BIG WORLD’s Twist!!!

Not only do we Play we also have guided canvas paint sessions for friends and family alike!


With an extremely wide and varied class schedule, Little Big World has something new to learn for everyone in the whole family. Our classes are carefully chosen and are conducted by leaders in their field.  We aim to have a variety of classes available for both parents and children each class session so there is something for everyone.


Events, Parties, and More

From Birthday Parties to Baby Showers to…well, pretty much anything you want! Little Big World’s event services allow you to host the event of a lifetime. We’ll help you create an event to leave your guests buzzing with excitement and smiling from ear-to-ear.  They’ll probably send YOU a thank you card afterwards for inviting them to such an amazing event!



Reach Out to Us

Call us at (248) 308-5444 or contact us now by sending a message.

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