Babes & Brushes (Ages 2-6)

Babes and Brushes ( ages 3 – 6)

Geared for your babe ( toddlers age 3-6 years of age). 

An enriching story time paired with a canvas to be created by you and your babe. This class is a wonderful introduction to cognitive memories. 

You will assist your child with the beginning stages of fine motor skills, such as holding the paint brush, mixing paint, and learning different paint strokes. 

While the canvas dries your babe will be able to experience our one of a kind play area that is focused on imaginative play.

$15.00 per child

RSVP a Paint & Play Date only at Little BIG World. Register for a Paint & Play Date with your favorite buddy! Parents can enjoy a relaxing environment while children enjoy an enriched afternoon of Paint & Play every Tuesday-Friday from 11am to 3pm.
Call (248)308-5444 for details or register here !!


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