Fundraising Opportunities :


Whole Institute Project:
Individual mascot canvas painting –
Commission a piece of art for your school. This is perfect for holiday parties or even after school programing’s. We will work with you to create a unique fundraising opportunities to your special event. Allowing students to take their work home with them or turn it into a school for all the students to enjoy for years to come!

  • Raise money for you school
  • Instruction from our professional staff
  • Choose a project specific to your school
  • Every student gets a painting to take home with theM
  • An interactive and creative way to fundraise

Individual Classroom Project:
Individual canvas painting
Looking for something fun for your whole class to enjoy? Come to our gallery and meet with one of our artists. They will design a canvas specifically for your class. We will send you with canvas for each student in your class, all the materials you’ll need to complete the painting on your own, in your class room. When you have finished the project, simply bring back all our supplies (minus the canvas, of course).

  • One-on-one planning session with our artist
  • Every student gets to enjoy the painting process without the high price of bussing hour students to us
  • We will ensure you have all the materials you need
  • We would love to help you the session (extra fee)

For-Profit and Non-Profit Organization:

Want to raise money for a cause you strongly support? Or your organization? We will create a one of a kind painting just for you! We will work with your fundraising plans to help find a project that works for you! Rent out our space or we can have the painting brought to you!

  • Raise money
  • One-on-one planning session with our artist / event planners
  • Catered to all ages
  • Host an event at our studio
  • Bring your own food & Beverage

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