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Parents: Take a break at The Loft.

Parties @ The Loft We’ve created a place different from others that might be compared to us.  Playplaces, activity centers, play cafes, etc. all do great things – they all revolve around keeping kids busy, helping them learn through play, and in a safe environment they never want to leave.  We saw a problem with that, however….what about the parents?

We’ve developed a number of ways to impact and improve the lives of parents just like we aim to do for children. One of those things is The Loft, a “quiet zone” as well as event space just for parents.

Studies about parent / child interaction show that parents who push themselves to their limit with work, activities, and appointments, keeping their lives full to the hilt, tend to have more difficulty dealing with stress and change. This can impact their energy levels and attitude, all the way down to how they treat their friends and family.

Little Big World’s goal is to offer parents classes and events for enrichment – but most importantly, a place to unwind, relax, and have some “me time” without feeling guilty and with confidence that their child is secure and cared for while they take a quiet moment just for them. Take advantage of Little Big World’s Loft when you want to catch up on a good book, need to do work (of course we’ve got WiFi!) or just need a minute to take a breather.


Contact us now for hours, directions, & pricing to Little Big World in Ferndale.

Take a Look at The Loft

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